Sometimes you just want to be able to do a little something extra with your pictures. You may not be sure whey they need exactly but you know something is missing. You don't want to edit every single picture that you take but you would like to know what you are doing when you want to. Tyler is our studio editing expert and has a few tricks to take your pictures to the next level. You will learn how to develop your pictures to change your exposure, contrast, convert to black and white, and how to fix color. Tyler will even show you how to remove that blemish and properly crop your pictures. 



Take your pictures to another level with our EDITING 101 CLASS.

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This two to three hour class will use Lightroom to demonstrate how to edit. Tyler will also go in-depth with  the amazing photo organizing feature of this program. This class include a booklet that you can have with you the next time you go to edit your favorite picture. The class fee is $75.

This basic class will set the foundation to success with ANY camera.

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This 5 part class will build your skills off of auto with a DSLR camera.

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Learn to find the story in your photographs with Serena Nicole.

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