There are stories being told all around you. Sometimes we get so busy living our crazy little life that we forget to stop and savor the moments. Moments that may seem mundane and repetitive are actually part of your story right now. Learn how to see the beauty in the moment and capture it with your camera. Join Serena Nicole as she gently guides you through learning what makes a story and how to best tell the story in front of you. . 



Learn to see the story all around you in our STORYTELLER CLASS.

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This two hour class will cover the basics of storytelling with your camera and includes a special class booklet to help you continue the story once you are home. Class fee is $75.

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This  basic class will set the foundation to success with ANY camera.

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just the basics

This 5 part class will build your skills off of auto with a DSLR camera.

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five steps

Five steps to better pictures is fun and you can use ANY camera!