Serena has the most tender heart for her youngest students! Serena started shooting before she was 10 years old and has created the class that every camera loving kid will love. With real, practical tips to encourage learning Serena will guide your child through the basics. You can choose just one class or all of them! 


FIND THE LIGHT FOR KIDS classes for our littlest students.

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- Class One: Light my World - learn to see the light like your camera does

- Class Two: Upside Down and Right Side Up - learn all about perspective

- Class Three: Up close and far, far, away - learn how to create interest

- Class Four: Rules and when to break them - learn common composition rules 

- Class Five: Sideways Earth - straighten your lines and let the lines lead the way 

Watch for our summer camp when you can take all five classes in one week! At this time students should bring their own camera to class, we are currently working on a grant to purchase camera's for our budding artists, we will let you know as soon as it goes through. Each class is $35 and includes a mini booklet full of class information. Classes are recommended for students aged 9 - 18. If you have a younger student that you believe would thrive in our class please reach out to us, we are happy to consider your little one.

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This  basic class will set the foundation to success with ANY camera.

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This 5 part class will build your skills off of auto with a DSLR camera.

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five steps

Five steps to better pictures is fun and you can use ANY camera!