There is more to your camera, you just know it. You have glanced through your manual but you just cant seem to get the results you want. You don’t necessarily want to become a professional photographer but you would at least like to understand your camera better and get more consistent results. This class is a basic level get to know your camera better and all of the automatic features your camera was designed to do class. Serena Nicole will walk you through all of the features and teach you when to use them and why. We strip down to the very basics and build you up so that you will feel confident. In just one class you will be ready to take better pictures.

In this class you will learn:


The BEGINNER CLASS is the perfect class to learn all the basics.

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- Part One: Memory Cards, Batteries, and Image Downloading, OH MY! 

- Part Two: Image Quality and what in the world is RAW?

- Part Three: All the pretty little icons and what they mean to you. Let’s learn about Portrait, Landscape, Macro and Action modes and the why and the when to use them. 

- Part Four: Getting creative with your Timer and your built-in Flash.

- Part Five: Secrets of Success - Lenses, Composition and other Secrets of the Trade.

We recommend all of our students start with the Five Step class then come and join us for the Beginner Class. Our next beginner class is on Sunday, January 26th at 2:00!

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This 5 part class will build your skills off of auto with a DSLR camera.

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five steps

Five steps to better pictures is fun and you can use ANY camera!

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Learn to find the story in your photographs with Serena Nicole.