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There is a story happening all around you. I want to show you how to see the little moments that tell a very powerful story, your story. You don't need a fancy camera, you just need to learn how to use the one you have. In my classes you will learn to see light, angles and techniques that will help you become your family's storyteller. 

Learning is a process. I have carefully designed my classes to build you up each step of the way. I recommend starting with the five steps to better photographs, then move next to the beginner class and then if you choose you can join me for the advanced class (you will need a fancy camera for that class). 

Capture meaningful moments to tell a powerful story

your family's storyteller


These days we all have a phone in one hand and a little one in the other! That means you always have a camera. Do you wish you could get better pictures with your phone or camera? I have 5 steps to instantly improve your snapshots!

FIve Steps class

Five steps to better pictures

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This class is a get to know your camera better and all of the automatic features your camera was designed to do class. We strip down to the very basics and build you up so that you will feel confident. 

Beginner Class

learn the basics

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This five week course meets every week to build your skills to the advanced level of photography! You will want to attend all five weeks and will learn to use the manual settings on your DSLR camera.

advanced Class

lets dig in more

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We start the new year in the classroom!  Our next Five Steps to Better Pictures class will take place on Saturday January 9th, 2021 in East Orlando. After your Five Steps Class you will have the option to cycle through all of our classes. Since our classes are limited we recommend you reserve your spot now. 

Reserve your spot in our Five Steps to Better Pictures Class, all you need to bring is yourself and ANY camera! Yes, even your cell phone will work perfectly for this class. The class fee is only $25 so be sure to invite your friends too! Once we receive your reservation we will send over our class information with everything you need to know!