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Serena Nicole is passionate about capturing the little moments of motherhood that we will all want to remember. This session is like having your own personal photographer and videographer follow you through your day to capture the beauty of the little moments that you do each and every day. All so that in years to come you can look back and relive the moments that make your life so special right now.

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after work motherhood

As a working mom its those little moments in the evening before bedtime that are so special. From a little playtime when you get home all the way to that bedtime story. These are the moments in the middle of all of the busy that you want to remember.

There is nothing like what we learn about ourselves as a new mom. From learning a new love that feels like your heart may burst to realizing you can do more than you ever knew you could (with little sleep!). These first few days of motherhood are priceless and pass so quickly.

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Erin's husband often works nights, so Erin and Corbin get to spend almost every night together. After a full day of work there is playtime, dinnertime, outdoor time, bath time and then a bedtime snuggle. Corbin is also almost finished nursing, so Erin wanted to be sure that we captured this special time.

Meet Erin and Corbin

The Motherhood Film

The Motherhood Portraits

Colleen couldn't wait to meet little Lennox. He arrived just before his due date and it was love at first site. Colleen knew the first few weeks would be a blur so we were sure to capture some sweet moments together so she could remember all the newness. 

Meet Colleen and Lennox

The Motherhood Film

The Motherhood Portraits

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Your Motherhood Session is customized to beautifully tell your story.  We will plan the location (typically your home) that sets the perfect stage for the activities that mean the most to you and your children right now. Your session typically lasts between 1 and 2 hours. The Motherhood Session Fee includes your time together with Serena Nicole to plan and create your session. The Session Fee is $175 and can be completed below. 

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After your session we will have our own little viewing party to watch your motherhood film together and see all the beautiful portraits that we created. You can then choose to complete your session with any combination of products that you love.