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My whole process is a little different than what you may have experienced. It starts in the little moments way before your session. 

As your Orlando newborn photographer I pour my heart into every session beginning with getting to know you and your family. I want to know all the little details that make you, you. 

Then I build your session from that place, one that is so authentically you that it feels just right

Your comfort is everything to me

Leigh Anna

What makes you different is the ease and comfort you create during a photo session, so that what is captured is genuine.

Orlando Newborn Photos

"This is a better gift than all of the diamonds." I will never forget what Shauna said to her husband as we all sat crying watching her newborn story. 

There truly isn't a better gift that you can give yourself than to freeze this precious time. We hear it all of the time, that our children will grow so fast. You won't even believe how much your newborn will grow from their Orlando newborn photography session to the reveal two weeks later! We are always blown away.

cheek family

Orlando Newborn Photographer

The love of bringing baby number two home is so dynamic. You have the love for your first little one and that only doubles as you welcome your newest little one home.

Watching your first baby become the big sister or brother is so special. We loved watching little Livie get to do just that. SO many special moments captured in these Orlando newborn photos. 

day family

Orlando Newborn Photography

Ah, baby number two. As mother's we always wonder how our little world is going to change. Will our little one know how much we love them and their new little sibling? That our little family is only going to grow in love.

Those first few days can be a delicate balance and  such a sweet family story. One that should be beautifully captured making sure to show big sister how truly special she is in your Orlando newborn photos. 

bush family

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Let’s plan the perfect Orlando newborn Photography session for you.


We will meet at your home and I will help you with your wardrobe and will share every detail so you know exactly what to expect for our big day together.

Let’s get to know each other 



Every part of my process is designed so you can relax and enjoy this sweet day. I will gently guide you through the day and exactly what to do to get the Orlando newborn photography portraits you dream of.

The day we have been waiting for!

It's your 
session day!



I love getting to share what we created together. We will create artwork that will last for generations. Your little one will be able to share these beautiful portraits with her littles one day. So sweet.

This may be my favorite part!

Time to see
your love as art


Orlando newborn Photographer

So sweet and surreal to hold your little one that you have dreamed about for so long. Those little moments of counting their little toes and holding their little hands in yours and you can barely believe it is real.

There is this blur that washes over you as your days turn into night and before you know it another day passes. You have never seen so many of the hours on the clock before! Between feedings and naps you finally catch your breath and your little one is already a month old.

There is NOTHING like the first few days of motherhood.

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I want to come and help you pause this sweet time. You are so busy loving your little one that I want to make capturing this special time easy for you. It starts with making the perfect plan before your little one arrives. 

shelly m. 

You on the other hand are an artist. You turn everyone into a piece of artwork. There is no comparison, you are in a league of your own.

Orlando newborn Photography

its time, lets create your dream session

We believe wholeheartedly in creating artwork for your family to cherish for generations. We have searched the world to thoughtfully curate our luxury portrait products. From our soft touch archival prints that will last for over 200 years to our hand painted canvas, you are going to fall in love with your emotion as art. 

Our portrait products start at $290 and all products include the matching digital portrait. Our clients love our collections as the more you purchase the more you save. We offer completely custom sessions and mini sessions throughout the year. 

Our heartfelt mission is to capture your emotion as beautiful art. I can't wait to show you your love. 


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frequently asked questions

How do we pick a session date when I don’t know exactly when my little one will arrive?

We will schedule your Orlando newborn photography session for two weeks after your due date. I find this date almost always works beautifully and if we need to move we already have special time reserved for you. 

You have a choice, we feel a beautiful choice. We can either come to your home to capture a lifestyle home style or you may come into the studio to have a studio experience. During your consultation we will help you decide on the perfect location for your little one.

Your little one is the heart of our time together, so we will follow their awake and asleep timing to create the perfect session. You can expect your session to be between 2 and 4 hours.


ashley d.

First I should tell you that I never like myself in pictures but I can honestly say I LOVE THEM ALL!!! They are all so beautiful and I truly can not thank you enough for capturing these moments... and yes I did tear up!

I never like pictures of myself and I love them all!

shauna c.

I truly feel like finding you was like winning the lottery. You are the most patient, loving, artistic, easy going and fun person ever!! You are such a treasure to our family and there is no one else like you.

There is no one like you, you are such a treasure...

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Orlando newborn Photographer

Let's capture your love now, so you can hold it close forever.

It is time for you to finally have the portraits that you have dreamed of.  

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