To me, I create so much more than a photograph for you. I capture your love and emotion so you can come back and hold it anytime you wish. This gift only becomes more precious as your little ones grow. 

I help families create heartfelt memories they can hold            

WELCOME! I’m serena nicole


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This family has stolen our hearts. As a special needs mom,  I love working with my special needs clients. The tug on my heart strings tugs a little harder.

We love creating sessions where all of our clients can be comfortable. Chasing the sunset provided the most beautiful glow for this beautiful family.

Sunset Chasers

cheek family

see Emerson grow up on the journal

I have been blessed to photograph the Gantt family since before little Emerson was born. Following their love story from Newlyweds to Kindergarten is at the very heart of my purpose. 

This session was so sweet. We woke up before the sun and met before soccer practice. Emerson and I got to catch up and I learned that she was Student of the Month! We picked magical berries and had plenty of giggles to start our day. 

 a sweet session

gantt family

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This session was so full of laughs that my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. We played until the sunset and captured some really sweet memories with everyone in the family. 

I love it when a family comes ready to play and this one sure did. If you watch you can still see all the sweetness that took place in between the laughs. 

FUll of laughs

cornell family

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The love of bringing baby number two home is so dynamic. You have the love for your first little one and that only doubles as you welcome your newest little one home.

Watching your first baby become the big sister or brother is so special. We loved watching little Livie get to do just that. SO many special moments. 

Baby makes four

day family

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Storyteller sessions are our favorite story to tell. We brainstorm and think about what you and your family are doing right now that you want to remember forever. 

When I met with Lauren she shared how they love to take the boat out to the island almost every weekend. She had us at boat ride! We had such an amazing session. 

island life

marcoux family

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Its the little things that make this time so special. Your son who loves to play with legos for hours at a time, or your little girl that will be the first to cook up some cookies in her little play kitchen. These are the sweet little moments that pass so quickly. 

This storyteller session captured everything that makes home feel so good right now.

Home life

chaves family

cheeks family film


cornell family film


day family film


marcoux family film


Chaves family film

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My friend, it's time for you to get in the picture...

You have your phone camera and tons of pictures of the kids, but where are you?

Right now is the time,  not when things finally calm down (a little hint, it's never going to!) or when you finally lose those last few pounds. Right now is such a special moment in your story. Your kids will always want to remember you just like you are right now. 

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I am just like you, juggling all the little details of my world. I write all about it here.

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You on the other hand are an artist. You turn everyone into a piece of artwork. There is no comparison, you are in a league of your own.

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To create a luxury lifestyle experience for our clients we love to really get to know you before your session. Then we create the perfect session to tell your story authentically and beautifully.  We thoughtfully hold your hand through the entire process, all the way to the beautiful canvas on your wall.

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Leigh Anna

What makes you different is the ease and comfort you create during a photo session, so that what is captured is genuine.

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There is a story happening all around you. I want to show you how to see the little moments that tell a very powerful story, your story. You don't need a fancy camera, you just need to learn how to use the one you have. In my classes you will learn to see light, angles and techniques that will help you become your family's storyteller. 

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ashley d.

First I should tell you that I never like myself in pictures but I can honestly say I LOVE THEM ALL!!! They are all so beautiful and I truly can not thank you enough for capturing these moments... and yes I did tear up!

I never like pictures of myself and I love them all!

shauna c.

I truly feel like finding you was like winning the lottery. You are the most patient, loving, artistic, easy going and fun person ever!! You are such a treasure to our family and there is no one else like you.

There is no one like you, you are such a treasure...

nichole p.

You have a gift of seeing things that I see in my children. You see how their sweet curls shape their face, their sweet fingers grab a flower, the love between sisters. You see everything!

You have a gift of seeing things...

bryttnee j.

Your portraits are some of my most treasured possessions - they truly capture the essence of the passion, spirit, grace, love and moments of my children that I simply can now have forever to behold because of you!! 

Some of my most treasured possessions...

elizabeth c.

Serena is more than capable of capturing the perfect portrait. What is so much more than that is how her portraits recreate the emotion of the day, allowing you to re-live the moment. She quickly becomes like family and we feel so blessed to have her in our life.

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There is a difference and it doesn't happen by coincidence. There isn't just one lucky shot, instead there is a beautiful consistency that happens from hiring a professional that has spent over a decade capturing emotion as art. 

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