2021 04 27 0001 1 : Megan Class of 2021

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Hello My Friends, meet Megan – Class of 2021! I remember when any year over the year 2000 sounded just crazy and here we are meeting the Class of 2021! This one hit me in all of the feels. I have been lucky enough to have Megan in front of my lens since I was […]

Megan Class of 2021

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Mark and Mom : Megan Class of 2021

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Looking back on that day when it was time to say our last goodbye and I breathed in relief. Overwhelming relief that there was no more pain, no more suffering. That the man that I barely recognized could have peace. This breath carried me for weeks as I imagined you dancing your way through to […]

The Aliveness of You

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2020 09 29 0004 : Megan Class of 2021

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Motherhood sometimes feel like building a puzzle without that helpful little picture on the front of the box. The one that lets you know you are on the right track and what the puzzle will look like when it is all finished. As my little ones have grown I have done my best to help […]

Puzzle Pieces

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Quarantine scaled : Megan Class of 2021

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We have been so careful. Since the first buzz of this crazy time hit the headlines, we hunkered down and kept our heads down. I couldn’t stand the idea of sharing this awful illness with my dad who is battling cancer without an immune system. So we went above and beyond to keep our little […]

From the Inside

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Ty Rawal 01 BW scaled : Megan Class of 2021

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There were so many sweet moments during our Storyteller Session with the Rawal family but there is one sweet moment that sticks out the most. Dad suggested that they watch the video that we made for them during our last session while all snuggling up on the couch. The music started to play and I […]

Behind the Scenes | Rawal Family

behind the scenes

2020 07 20 0001 : Megan Class of 2021

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You guys!!!! This was the sweetest family storyteller session and I was not even prepared to meet the cutest little addition to the Rawal family! There is no way to even tell you how much I love her! We were scheduled for an at home newborn session way back when and then the Corona Virus […]

Cutest Little Addition


There is something about the way they look at you or that little giggle that gets you every time. That moment that tugs a little harder on your heartstrings. The moment that you tell yourself you are never going to forget. As a mother, I find refuge in the natural images of my children, images that bring me right back to that smile, giggle or moment. 

Those images grow stronger as the years pass. At the moment the photo is taken I see it as it was. Years later and I am transported back to the moment and I feel like I can be right there again. I can even hear that little giggle that goes along with that look. To me that is the strongest investment I can make; being able to freeze time and return to it anytime I want. 

I personally created Serena Nicole Studios with a mother's wish in mind. I wanted a custom photography experience to capture all of those natural looks, smiles and giggle that will transport YOU in time. Looks that are carefully crafted by a fluid and natural portrait experience that is child centered. My photographic style is very tender to encourage every one to feel comfortable so they can show me their style all their own. 

I see your family as I would want to capture mine. Those looks between a mother and child, a finger wrapped tightly around yours. Candid expressions that showcase what makes your family unique and all your own. So that years later you can remember more than what you looked like but what you felt like too. 

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