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There is nothing like the refuge that I find in words. There is something spirtual about hearing yourself think out loud and being able to read it back. Sometimes when I read what I wrote, I hardly remember writing it at all. Just feels warm and familiar. I would love nothing more than  to inspire others to feel, to create and to capture their love day by day.

Serena Nicole Studios Journal

It is time to make the travel schedule for 2020!!!! Tell me, where do you want me to come and photograph your family this year? P.S. Can you believe this is BABY JACK? He will be TEN this year!!!! Just another reminder of why it is so important to capture our little loves before they […]

I am so in love with watching this family evolve and grow right before my lens. It seems like just the other day we were welcoming our littlest one into this world. Now he is Mr. Independent and so full of life. I love his little crossed arms the best. So much sweetness wrapped up […]

This family… I am not even sure where to start. I have been watching them grow since they were tiny. That is just it. I don’t take this blessing for granted for one minute. Being able to watch little personalities blossom, getting so comfortable with your kids that they know me and look forward to […]

There is this vulnerability that consumes parenthood. Despite the notion that we wake up each day and vow to do our very best, there are these moments. Moments that test our spirit unlike anything else. Moments when we are so invested that we are surrounded by the pressure to do just the right thing, in […]

As I scrolled through my newsfeed in disbelief, I tried to shake it off. This feeling of immense sadness rushed through me as I saw the flames shooting out of the top of the Notre Dame in Paris, France. Our family has spent countless hours in the very spot that was now covered in flames, […]

From the second the plane touches down, my travel sessions are a whirlwind; this trip was no exception! We had to move some sessions around due to weather that was coming (think freezing cold rain) so we had to hit the ground running. Lucky for me, Tyler was along for this trip and I love […]