Cutest Little Addition

You guys!!!! This was the sweetest family storyteller session and I was not even prepared to meet the cutest little addition to the Rawal family! There is no way to even tell you how much I love her!

We were scheduled for an at home newborn session way back when and then the Corona Virus decided to visit our world. So we pushed back our session a few times to make sure we could be as safe as possible for everyone!

May I just say it was worth the wait! Getting to meet this little sweetheart melted me! Wait until you see her!

Needless to say she hasn’t just won over my heart, everyone in her family has fallen madly in love with her cuteness!

baby lifted into the air during family storyteller session
family smiles at baby lifted in the air
baby smiles while mom and dad look on at family storyteller session

I mean how could you not fall madly in love?

Family of five smiling at the camera on the couch

Rawal family party of FIVE!!!!

family snuggled on the couch during family storyteller session
dad kisses little girl while mom smiles at family storyteller session
dad kisses baby girl

You can just feel the love, can’t you? Dad then got our little princess ready for the day and dressed up in her sweet little dress.

dad changes baby
dad snuggles baby girl
dad lifts baby girl while smiling

Then it was time for her to show me her latest little trick! She can ROLL OVER!!! She has the most amazing cheering squad!

baby girl in crib
baby girl in crib while family smiles at her at family storyteller session
mom cheers for baby girl in crib
baby girl in crib at family storyteller session
baby girl looking at camera
baby girl smiling at camera at family storyteller session
baby girl looking at camera while holding her toes

Then the big sisters wanted to show me their latest trick on their bikes!

little girls riding their bikes during family storyteller session

Look she is down to just ONE training wheel and is rocking it! Drumroll please…..

girls riding bikes
sisters riding bikes at family storyteller session
girl riding bike in neighborhood

No TRAINING WHEELS!!!! The cheering section snuck in a little snuggle!

girl lifted up by mom while smiling
girl hugging mom at family storyteller session

Then we headed inside to cool off and have some family game time! Charades style.

family playing games
family playing games at family storyteller session
girl reading game card at family storyteller session
family laughing and playing games
family playing games

When Nina and I talked about pushing back the session she was worried about loosing the newborn feel to the session. So we did our best to make time for snuggles and nap time to sneak in as much of that newborn feel that we could.

baby holding moms finger while drinking a bottle
mom feeding baby a bottle at family storyteller session
mom snuggling while feeding a bottle to her baby

Since she is older we got to add in a little more play time too!

Little girl getting onto stuffed animal unicorn with help from mom
mom smiling while riding a stuffed unicorn with moms help
baby laughing at family storyteller session
mom and daughter smiling

Topped off with a little more sweetness.

mom holding little girl by window
mom snuggling daughter at family storyteller session

Then it was time to see what the big sisters were up to.

sisters in their beds
girl reading book

Look who can read now! So amazing to hear her read us her favorite story.

girl smiling at the camera
sisters laughing together
sisters laughing
sisters smiling
sisters telling secrets
sisters tickling and playing in bed

Then the girls said they wanted to show us their Tres Chic looks. Tyler and I had to look at each other and have a giggle about that! Well, they sure know what they are talking about! We were floored!

sisters posing

They look SO grown up, I just can’t process it!

little girl looking at camera
little girl smiling at camera

They have more style than I have had my entire life! While we were playing with the big kids our sweet little one fell asleep.

baby sleeping
mom snuggling baby sleeping at family storyteller session
sister kissing sleeping baby
sister kissing sleeping baby sister

Perfect time for some big sister snuggles.

mom and daughter smiling at family storyteller session
mom and daughter smiling
husband and wife smiling

Back to two. These two are so sweet together. Their world is busy with these three sweet girls but there is still time for two.

Here is their amazing family film. So many sweet moments!

Thank you Rawal family for the sweetest session and all the patience while we found just the right time to make it all happen. We loved getting to see all of you again.

Until Soon,

Serena Nicole

We have been so lucky to watch this sweet family grow up right in front of our lenses. See their last family storyteller session HERE.

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