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Mark and Mom :

Looking back on that day when it was time to say our last goodbye and I breathed in relief. Overwhelming relief that there was no more pain, no more suffering. That the man that I barely recognized could have peace. This breath carried me for weeks as I imagined you dancing your way through to […]


2020 09 29 0004 :

Motherhood sometimes feel like building a puzzle without that helpful little picture on the front of the box. The one that lets you know you are on the right track and what the puzzle will look like when it is all finished. As my little ones have grown I have done my best to help […]


Quarantine scaled :

We have been so careful. Since the first buzz of this crazy time hit the headlines, we hunkered down and kept our heads down. I couldn’t stand the idea of sharing this awful illness with my dad who is battling cancer without an immune system. So we went above and beyond to keep our little […]


2020 07 10 0041 :

I’m bored, bored, bored. That’s okay Jack, great things have been born out of boredom. Oh yeah like what? Hmmmm. One minute later. Hey Mom look, I made a self portrait out of these three things. Case in point!! Thanks for bailing me out there Jack! Until Soon, Serena Nicole You know by now that […]


2020 07 10 0043 :

Today I vow to just be present and still. Let go of the fear and savor the little moments that in the rush of the life I knew before this, I may have missed. I posted this on my personal FB today along with this picture and felt that maybe I should share it here […]


Shakira 18 BW :

There is this vulnerability that consumes parenthood. Despite the notion that we wake up each day and vow to do our very best, there are these moments. Moments that test our spirit unlike anything else. Moments when we are so invested that we are surrounded by the pressure to do just the right thing, in […]

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