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Serena beautifully mixes the art of storytelling and photography to create emotive portraits that you will cherish long after your little ones have grown. 


It is the connection between you and your loves that steals my heart, over and over. It is why I do what I do.

I am here to share your story. To help you remember those little moments of perfection. Together we will dream up the perfect session long before my camera comes out. You may not even know what your story is yet,  I will hold your hand and help you see it. At our session you can leave the stress behind, I will gently guide you and your loves to do just what we need to share your story in your own way. 

I cannot wait to dream with you.

"There is a story that lives within your heart,
it is the one that you promise yourself
you will never forget..."

"There is a story
that lives within
your heart, it is the one that you
promise yourself
you will never forget..."

It is those little moments of perfection that happen in motherhood. That little gasp that steals your heart when you see your little one in a new way. The feeling rushes over you and you promise yourself you will never forget this, this right here. In the very next instant reality comes rushing back and you become the master of all things and truly you live farther away from those moments of perfection and much more in the oh my goodness how will I ever do all of this kind of moments!

I see you, I am you. There is this beauty in motherhood that is often untold. It is something I see so easily. I don’t know, maybe it is part of my purpose here but I see life so clearly through emotion and connection. 

The one thing you should know about me is that I am willing to do anything to make your children laugh. I mean that in the most embarrassing, and you cannot record me at our session, kind of way! In fact whatever silly antics may come up at our session I ask you to keep them to yourself, seal those memories and lock them up! I am as silly as I am emotional. I am so in love with connection and capturing the beauty of real moments. That is what makes Serena Nicole Studios what it is. I am a wild mix of silly and emotion and I am addicted to capturing your sweet connection. If I have done my job right your kids and I will be best friends by the end of our session! Honest to goodness BFF's! 

who we are

Serena Nicole

Meet Tyler

My mom is awesome. I love her so much but not as much as I love working with her! She asked me to write something about myself and I was so overwhelmed with love for her that I decided to dedicate this whole paragraph to her. Yep, she is that amazing. You have to meet her. Oh you will meet me too, I will be the one carrying all of her things and running back and forth to the car when she forgets things. But its okay because she is worth it, I mean come on she birthed me, how will I ever repay her for that? I am Tyler and I approve this message. Oh I am not done. She needs this paragraph to be longer so I have one more chance to say, MOM I LOVE YOU! You are the best!

who we are


Meet Serena

There are moments happening all around you, moments that will somehow be a little different tomorrow. That early morning snuggle that you wish would last all day. That moment they walk around the corner and they look as if they have grown an inch over night... 

Take a deep breath with me.

Why we do it

Our time together goes far beyond your time in front of my camera. We dream, we plan, we laugh, we connect long before the camera comes out. I hold your hand the entire time gently guiding you so that you know exactly what to do to create authentic moments with your loves. 

Let's dream together until we create the perfect session to tell your story. 

"There is emotion and connection
that is beautifully happening in your every day. I want to share it with you so that long after they have grown, you can hold it close to your heart all over again."

"There is emotion and connection that is beautifully happening in your every day. I want to share it with you so that long after they have grown, you can hold it close to your heart all over again."

Your little world is busy and sometimes you don't even realize that you need to slow down and take it all in. While the days feel long between the routine of breakfast and that goodnight kiss, the years are flying by. 

You didn't come here by coincidence. There is something different and you can feel it. There is emotion and connection that is beautifully happening in your every day. I want to share it with you so that long after they have grown, you can hold it close to your heart all over again

We love to take care of our clients and to do so we only book a few sessions a month. Some dates are booked months in advance and some dates are available now. To take great care of all of our clients we book using our waiting list. By signing up for our waiting list today you can save your place while you learn more about our studio. Think of it as having your friend hold your place in line!


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We love our clients, 
and we love our products. We'll take great care of you.

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storyteller albums

Nothing shares your story better than a book. Our storyteller albums are hand crafted  on archival photographic papers. The absolute best in the industry. Our luxe line is beautifully debossed letter by letter by hand. While our matted line offers you an instant favorite.

prints and products

Our luxe prints are unlike anything you can find. The papers are hand selected for superior quality and professionally printed for you. Finish your family heirloom with gorgeous framing or other ready to hang options. Our full service studio will take great care of you.

We can't wait to meet you...

the experience

Our clients are like family. We love to connect, to dream, to meet you and your family right where you are to capture your beauty. This comfort is where the magic happens. You learn to trust us and we then create with our full hearts. I personally see your family as I would want to capture my own, with love. When I became a mother photography became my refuge. Photography was my time out from the busy. I bring my years of teaching experience to the classes that I have personally created to bring you your refuge. I have broken down everything you need to learn..  Whether it is a session or a class I am here to hold your hand through it all. 



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Serena is more than capable of capturing the perfect portrait. What is so much more than that is how her portraits recreate the emotion of the day, allowing you to re-live the moment. She quickly becomes like family and we feel so blessed to have her in our life.

Elizabeth Chaves

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Serena becomes part of your family intertwined in your life as she captures moments that fill your heart every time you look back at them. She has this magical ability to capture emotion. She always goes the extra mile to create the perfect experience for us. 

Jill Sager

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Maren Hoglund

Serena's portraits are the favorite art in our home. Her ability to capture a special moment between our family, working around wiggles and wandering, that is her speciality.

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Tiffany Solomita

Love,  You will love Serena, her beautiful portraits and how comfortable she makes every member of your family feel. 

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call or text: 609-529-7121

At Serena Nicole Studios our world is all about family. Our family, your family and the connection and love that we all share. Your session is spent with a mom and son team that instantly makes you feel a part of the family. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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