there isn’t just one lucky shot

There is a difference and it doesn’t happen by coincidence. There isn’t just one lucky shot, instead there is a beautiful consistency that is worth every penny and minute of your time. It is the consistency you get from hiring a professional that has dedicated over a decade to capturing emotion as art.

Session expressions are not left to chance. Your session with Serena Nicole is carefully guided to help every person in your family feel comfortable. From the shy to the silly to the downright cranky, Serena Nicole has a gentle approach and strategy for it all.

Imagine having the best day with your family. Everyone is laughing, giggling and having too much fun to even know they are having their picture taken. Now imagine the art that can be created by Serena Nicole when your family is that comfortable, that is the difference you want.

that is the difference you want

capture your love in both portraits and video

A FULL FAMILY session with Serena Nicole Studios is the ultimate family experience. Families are all amazingly different and each one has their own special story to share. A full family session allows plenty of time for natural interaction and giggles as we capture your love with both portraits and video. After your session you will have gorgeous portraits and a timeless family movie that shares your story unlike anything else.

Family Movie’s are also available for our NEW ARRIVAL sessions. For more information on our different sessions please click here.

Serena Nicole spends much of the year traveling to see her clients. Local sessions can now be scheduled throughout the year in the Orlando, Florida area.

Additional Locations for 2016:

Nashville: Sessions on July 29th and 30th
Seattle: Sessions on June 17th and 18th
Dayton, Ohio: Sessions on August 19th and 20th
Leesburg, Virginia: Sessions on September 23rd and 24th
San Antonio: Sessions on October 14th and 15th
Destin, Florida: Sessions on November 18th and 19th

Meet Serena Nicole and Tyler

Serena-and-Tyler-WebI created Serena Nicole Studios with a mother’s wish in mind. I wanted a custom photography experience to capture those natural looks, smiles and giggles that will transport you in time. Looks that are carefully crafted by a fluid and natural portrait experience that is child centered. My photographic style is very tender to encourage every child to feel comfortable so they can show me a style all their own. – Serena Nicole

About Tyler: Tyler started filming for the studio when he was in high school and now during college it is the perfect complement to his studies. He loves the creative rush and has quite the eye for emotion just like his mom; making them the perfect team.

Serena Nicole is an award-winning photographer, but her most treasured accomplishment is being a mother to her 3 boys and a wife to her beloved husband. Family is everything. When you support Serena Nicole Studios you are supporting a loving family and all of the dreams that live within. Thank you.

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Sessions are often booked months in advance, contact Serena Nicole right away to set up your custom session.