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behind the scenes of a family session

I love when I get to have a little peek into something not everyone gets to see. So I thought maybe you would enjoy a glimpse of us behind the scenes.

I like to joke that I have so many pictures of Tyler in my shots because he gets in my way and in MY shot so much! In truth we have a system of half courtesy and half banter! We tend to see the world in the same way and that puts us in the same exact spot for most of our sessions. The rest of the time we try to take turns and even help each other out with our shots.

2020 07 08 0002 : behind the scenes

One behind the scenes tidbit that no one probably realizes is how much time we spend conditioning for our sessions. The amount of gear that we have to carry for long periods of time while running back and forth would be impossible if we didn’t spend time getting our bodies ready.

behind the scenes a videographer filming a family on rocks

We love our Peloton bikes. Like LOVE them. Tyler and I ride a half marathon together every week. We set our alarms and wake up together on the bike. The rest of the week we ride, weight train and I love to do a little yoga and meditation. Our family also loves to hike and Tyler typically hikes several miles with his dogs each week too.

behind the scenes of family session n beach

Even with all of that conditioning I still spend time with a medical massage therapist and I am starting PT. There is no doubt that our job is physical, I refuse to let my age take away my dream job!

2020 07 08 0005 : behind the scenes

When we are not riding together we are planning and talking through upcoming sessions. We chat a few times a week about different ideas that we have. What discuss the shots we absolutely must have and all about the family that we will be working with. We always think through how we can customize the session to make it special for them.

2020 07 08 0007 : behind the scenes

This Cheek’s session was no different. I fell madly in love with these rocks when choosing the perfect location for the Cheeks. There was quite a walk from the parking lot to the rocks, so we planned to capture the Cheek’s playing together on the walk there. Then we figured the rocks would become our playground for exploring, jumping and cuddling. It was amazing to see all of our wishes come true for this session. The Cheek family is always a dream to work with.

You can see a little of what we created for the Cheek Family here: Started With You | Orlando Family Photographer

We are busy planning our next session already! We get to meet back up with the Rawal family in their home. They have a little surprise for us, a new little addition to the family, a sweet baby girl! We cannot wait to see them.

Hope you liked hanging out behind the scenes with me.

Until Soon,

Serena Nicole

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