Emi Class of 2020 | Oviedo Senior Photographer

Such an amazing musical senior session! It is rare to see Emi without her guitar unless you are lucky enough to see her in a musical on stage or in a chorus concert. Her voice will stop you in your tracks, pull you in, and make you feel all the feels. She has the soulful singer songwriter sound that you just want to hear more and more.

Emi has been taking music lessons since she was a little girl and it shows. Her childhood memories are wrapped into her music studio where she took lessons and funny enough a couch. Yes, this couch is kind of famous at her studio. It is special to Emi because this is the couch she grew up on and her mom sat countless years and watched her lessons. This couch is more than a couch. So we knew we needed it in her pictures. We got creative and had some fun on the couch.

girl with guitar on couch
girl on couch with guitar during her senior session
girl playing guitar on couch during senior session
girl playing guitar
girl smiling playing guitar at senior session
senior girl resting on couch during senior session
girl smiling on couch

Emi’s voice is so soft yet strong and has a sweet almost folk sound. She knew she wanted something outdoors and I had the perfect place in mind. She brought this sweet, soft purple dress and it couldn’t have looked more beautiful in our location.

girl playing guitar outdoors at senior session
girl looking down at senior session
girl smiling playing guitar
girl laughing while holding guitar during senior session
girl laughing outside at senior session
girl smiling outside at senior session
girl sitting on tree holding guitar at senior session
girl looking to side outside
close up of girls face at senior session
girl posing

Emi brought one more dress along so we headed to the field to play.

girl in field at sunset
girl in field at senior session
girl laughing in field at senior session
girl squatting in field
girl laughing in field during senior session
smiling girl outside
girl with guitar in field at senior session
girl with guitar at senior session in field
girl resting on guitar outside
girl playing guitar hands in focus at senior session
girl playing in field

Emi is as sweet as she is fun. We laughed so hard while squatting in the field together that it was hard to keep my balance and shoot!! There is no one I would have rather spent my afternoon with.

Thank you Emi for such an amazing session. You are an inspiration and your talent and sweetness will take you so far. I hope you enjoy the rest of your senior year and I cannot wait to see you on the stage in just a few weeks!

Until Soon,

Serena Nicole

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