What is Luxury Lifestyle Portraiture & Filmmaking?

I feel so lucky to get to share the world of lifestyle portraiture and filmmaking with you. It is a little corner of the photography world that I have personally fallen in love with and I think you may too.

By definition lifestyle portraiture is the art of capturing real life moments in an artistic way.

For me a lifestyle session is equal parts of witnessing and guiding. I always leave time during your session for me to hold back and artistically witness your family while documenting in an organic way. Sometimes this is where the magic lives. The rest of your session I will be gently guiding your family through a series of games and activities that will help to create real life emotions so I can perfectly tell the full story of your family.

In order for me to create this session experience for you, it is important for me to get to know the very heart of your family before your session. So we will meet and dream and talk over all the details that make you, you.

This allows me to create an authentic portrait experience for your family. No blind date, just a clear and artistic vision of how to naturally help you fall into the little moments that you will fall in love with over and over. I will gently guide your family through the whole experience so you will never have to wonder what to do next.

I bring over a decade of capturing emotion as art to your session experience.

Add the luxury of bespoke albums and canvas to the final product and you have an experience unlike any other. I will personally help design your home so we can surround you with your love.

So to answer your question, luxury lifestyle portraiture & filmmaking is the art of capturing the essence of your family in a natural and organic way that you can hold in your hands for generations to come.

I cannot wait to create with you.

Serena Nicole

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