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March 28, 2017

In my world the one place I feel the most centered, peaceful and still is on the trail. Our family hikes hundreds of miles a year. It is the one place I have taught my boys to find refuge. Refuge from the busy demands and busy screens that take up most of our world. A few weeks ago Tyler called Jon to see if he wanted to go for a hike. In that moment I knew I had passed on a gift. For long after I am gone they will know where to find themselves and most of all each other.

So when my mother in law invited us to Arizona for a visit and for some hiking we didn’t hesitate. It was the most amazing vacation. We spent every day on the trail surrounded by beauty. I never knew just how beautiful Arizona could be. So many different climates and textures just a few hours away from one another.

Here is a little of my love that I share with you:



Before we left Matt and I were so excited to get to check off Arizona as one more place visited on our quest to see the world. On our return all we could talk about was when could we get back.

Until Soon,

Serena Nicole

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