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This family… I am not even sure where to start. I have been watching them grow since they were tiny. That is just it. I don’t take this blessing for granted for one minute. Being able to watch little personalities blossom, getting so comfortable with your kids that they know me and look forward to our “mini playdates” is absolutely everything to me. Even so, it never prepares me for when I step out of the car and see how much they have grown since our last session. I am always in awe.

The fun part is that Tyler is starting to see it too. We get back in the car after a session and he tells me that he gets it. He understands why I love my clients so much. Watching kids grow up is one of the best parts of our job. Being a part of their childhood and knowing we will help them remember it, is everything.

Kourtney takes after my own heart! She has her photo plan for every year and I love it! We do a mini in the spring and a storyteller every other fall. It works out so perfectly. This was our mini “playdate” for the spring.

Even though it is a mini session I always try to squeeze in as much personality as I can. This session did not disappoint. Tyler even stopped by to show off some of his Spiderman moves!

family snuggled together smiling
mom and daughter smiling at camera
three siblings sitting together smiling at camera
boy walking holding hands with mom and looking back
girl smiling
boy sweetly looking at camera
boy smiling at camera
brothers sitting together
family sitting together at mini playdate
girl looking off towards light
siblings being silly and smiling at camera at mini playdate

Can you see all the personality? I can feel it and it makes me miss them already! The exciting part is that this fall it is time for our storyteller session so I won’t have to miss them for long!

If you are interested in a mini “playdate” for your family there are still two spots left open for fall! All the details can be found right here FALL MINI SESSION INFORMATION.

I can’t wait to play with your family!

Until Soon,

Serena Nicole

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