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August 28, 2017

At first when I read the note that was placed on our door by the city I was a little excited. New paved roads would be a dream for my long boarding teenager who always goes a little bit farther than I am comfortable with in the hopes of finding new and smooth pavement. As I continued to read I felt this rush of anxiety come over me. The letter gave a two week window of when the paving would be happening and yet warned that we would not be able to drive for at least two hours during certain parts of the the pavement process. Our schedule here is often times so carefully orchestrated a few minutes of traffic can really throw us off our game, a two hour window felt worrisome.

Every time it came up I vowed to trust that it would work out. When the rush of uncertainty came over me I would try to breath in peace to replace it. As the neighborhood across the street started paving before us I watched to see how it was all happening for them and again desperately tried to breath in the peace!

Inside our world with Jackson we have to be ready for anything. It was Tuesday afternoon when I learned that we didn’t have coverage for Wednesday. When Jackson doesn’t have his ABA therapist for coverage at the beginning of the school year, we choose to keep him home. It is just best for everyone, especially Jackson. So I scurried to change my schedule at the studio to be home with Jack and looked forward to a day off.

Wednesday morning came and it was six a.m. when I heard this loud beeping alarm. Waking and trying to figure out what alarm it could be and I realized it was the beeping of the paving trucks pulling into our neighborhood. When I was awake enough to put all the pieces together I had to smile. It was working out perfectly. Jackson was home with me all day, it was the ONE day that we would be home all day. No need to drive, no need to worry!

The part that was even better was that Jackson loved watching the trucks. We had a front row seat to the best show in town. He grabbed his blanket and made a picnic spot on the sidewalk and ate breakfast while watching the trucks. We were outside for hours. We learned about teamwork as I pointed out how they all worked together and were communicating to get the job done. We learned about hard work, oh how we learned that lesson. These men and women were some of the hardest working people I have seen in a long time. I was inspired and humbled just watching them.

The last lesson was for me. As I learn to trust and to leave worry behind the whole day reminded me of this powerful quote by Leon Brown. “The day you stop worrying will be the first day of your new life; anxiety takes you in circles, trust in yourself and become free.”  Trust in yourself are the most powerful words in that quote for me. Worry comes from the idea that we will not be able to handle what is coming next. We have already proven day after day that we have what it takes to adapt, to change, to shift to do what it takes to make it. Let’s breathe in and be proud of ourselves, believe in OURSELVES and let the worry go. Come with me and let’s start our very first day of our new life together.

Until Soon,

Serena Nicole

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