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April 10, 2019

(If you have been dreaming of a little session with just you and the kids, read on to learn about our Moments of Motherhood sessions that will be taking place next month!)

Like many of you I am behind the camera most of the time. Well, let’s be honest, all of the time. It seems like almost a sin to think of how few pictures I have of me and my children together. It makes my heart ache a little and is why I became passionate a few weeks ago to change that for both of us.

At the studio I want my clients to have the full experience of what it is like to have a photographer that is so invested in telling their story authentically. There is NOTHING like the moment that I get to share your love with you and show it to you in a whole new and beautiful way. ┬áThat is why even our “mini” sessions at the studio are not the super short sessions that you can find anywhere else… I have to have time for candid sweet nothings that tell your story perfectly.

But I believe that I have genuinely found an exception to this idea. In an effort to get you and I both in front of the camera more, to create moments that we will cherish and hold dear many moons from now, I have thoughtfully created Moments of Motherhood sessions. These sessions came straight from my own mother heart, yearning to have this moment captured with my own children. I want to give that gift to you.

Some of you may not know but I opened my studio back in 2005 and my very first professional session took place on Mother’s Day! I want to celebrate this special milestone with you by starting a new tradition, a gift that you give yourself each Mother’s Day… a handful of portraits that will mean more to you than anything else.

I thought long and hard about how I could make this happen. I genuinely only need fifteen minutes to create meaningful, heartfelt memories. A session that is short and sweet and full of love.

So let’s celebrate each other, this journey of motherhood that we are on together and let me show you your love like never before.

I can’t wait to see you,

Serena Nicole

To learn more about booking your Moments of Motherhood Session please follow me HERE.

P.S. This picture is so near and dear to my heart and can I tell you a little secret? It only keeps getting more and more special to me. Jack is at least a foot taller already and I, well I am not getting younger!!!

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