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Twin Love! If you happened to see our instagram last week you may have caught the sweetest picture of these two. I have worked with countless siblings over the last 15 years but twins are always so fascinating to me. They have this intuitive connection and well, you know I am in love with connection!

There are a few years through toddlerhood that my twins keep me on my toes!!! I am chasing them around in two different directions and there is not a better workout! Then like magic they get to this age where they are all about playing along and that is when it happens… moments like these when you get to see the sweet chemistry right before your eyes. Just look at the way that he holds on to her! I have melted.

Easter Davis 01 BW : twin love Easter Davis 02 Color : twin love Easter Davis 03 BW : twin love

Look at these family snuggles too….

Easter Davis 06 BW : twin love

Here is the picture that melted instagram!

Easter Davis 07 BW : twin love Easter Davis 22 BW : twin love Easter Davis 24 BW : twin love Easter Davis 31 BW : twin love Easter Davis 32 Color : twin love Easter Davis 33 BW : twin love Easter Davis 36 Color : twin love Easter Davis 51 BW : twin love Easter Davis 40 Color : twin love Easter Davis 53 BW : twin love

The candid little moments. Those are what draw me into every session… that is where the story lives.

Easter Davis 37 BW : twin love

The story that I love most about twins and truly all siblings, is how even if they are so connected, they each have their own little personalities that make them so uniquely them.  I know I am so amazed in my own little world with my three boys, especially my younger two, how they can come from the exact same little pool of genes but have picked up so many different traits.

Easter Davis 54 Color : twin love

These two were no different. I loved my little talks with each of them, learning what they love most. So amazingly different in their own ways.  The one thing they both instantly agreed on though, was a grass fight with Dad!!! The perfect ending to the perfect session. We couldn’t have asked for a better spring day or a more beautiful sunset. Thank you for another amazing session.

Until Soon,

Serena Nicole

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