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March 26, 2019

Seriously, I have melted. This is such a sweet little moment. I have been lucky enough to capture these two little ones since they were newborns, now they will be starting Kindergarten next year! It goes so, so fast even for me as the photographer.

In my little world I have my own kids that are growing up so fast I can hardly keep up. My youngest just turned 9 this week and I am busy making high school graduation party arrangements for my middle. I promise you they were just curled up in my arms the other day. But it is not just my kids that I get to see grow up so fast.

I am flying out to San Antonio this weekend to work with a few favorite families and one of my littles, well he is not so little anymore. I remember when his mom called to say that she had delivered (early) and I prayed and waited for him to get released from the NICU… he is still a little miracle and he is EIGHT!! Eight years of amazing boy! I can’t wait to see him, I will be sure to post our session together. Tyler is coming too so there will be family movies too. I just love when I get to sneak him away on my travels. Talk about your kids growing up fast, he turned 26 this year!!! Faint, sigh, BREATHE….

Scrolling through tonight and my mom heart melted and I just had to share with you. Look at those smiles and the glistening sunshine in the back. MELT. I can’t wait to see the rest of the moments that we got,  there were grass sword fights, tickles and lots of giggles. I will be sure to come back here and share more for sure. Let’s just say I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow! Oh, want to see a little glimpse of when these two were teeny tiny?  CLICK HERE!!

oviedo family photographer

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Until Soon,

Serena Nicole

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