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Such an amazing musical senior session! It is rare to see Emi without her guitar unless you are lucky enough to see her in a musical on stage or in a chorus concert. Her voice will stop you in your tracks, pull you in, and make you feel all the feels. She has the soulful […]

Emi Class of 2020 | Oviedo Senior Photographer

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There is a buzz here all around the studio. We are anxiously awaiting a new little client. You would think we were the ones expecting, we like to think we are! You know that moment that you meet your first little one for the very first time and you cannot imagine ever loving anyone more? […]

Three Plus One | Orlando Family Photographer

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It is time to make the travel schedule for 2020!!!! Tell me, where do you want me to come and photograph your family this year? P.S. Can you believe this is BABY JACK? He will be TEN this year!!!! Just another reminder of why it is so important to capture our little loves before they […]

Travel Time | Orlando Family Photographer

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When Elizabeth reached out she knew that she wanted to update her family picture and get some sweet moments with the kids but she really wanted to include her mom and Louis’ mom and asked if that would be okay. I was beyond excited to include them, we had them pop in at the end […]

Moms are Always Welcome | Winter Springs Family Photographer

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Full disclosure, I have loved Megan from the second that I met her. I would argue that most people feel that way! When she asked us to photograph and film her wedding, we felt so humbled and lucky. Then we met Brent and heard all about his relationship with his boys and we knew this […]

Megan & Brent | Orlando Wedding Photographer

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I am so in love with watching this family evolve and grow right before my lens. It seems like just the other day we were welcoming our littlest one into this world. Now he is Mr. Independent and so full of life. I love his little crossed arms the best. So much sweetness wrapped up […]

The Marcoux Fall Story | Oviedo Family Photographer

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There is something about the way they look at you or that little giggle that gets you every time. That moment that tugs a little harder on your heartstrings. The moment that you tell yourself you are never going to forget. As a mother, I find refuge in the natural images of my children, images that bring me right back to that smile, giggle or moment. 

Those images grow stronger as the years pass. At the moment the photo is taken I see it as it was. Years later and I am transported back to the moment and I feel like I can be right there again. I can even hear that little giggle that goes along with that look. To me that is the strongest investment I can make; being able to freeze time and return to it anytime I want. 

I personally created Serena Nicole Studios with a mother's wish in mind. I wanted a custom photography experience to capture all of those natural looks, smiles and giggle that will transport YOU in time. Looks that are carefully crafted by a fluid and natural portrait experience that is child centered. My photographic style is very tender to encourage every one to feel comfortable so they can show me their style all their own. 

I see your family as I would want to capture mine. Those looks between a mother and child, a finger wrapped tightly around yours. Candid expressions that showcase what makes your family unique and all your own. So that years later you can remember more than what you looked like but what you felt like too. 

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