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There is nothing like the refuge that I find in words. There is something spirtual about hearing yourself think out loud and being able to read it back. Sometimes when I read what I wrote, I hardly remember writing it at all. Just feels warm and familiar. I would love nothing more than  to inspire others to feel, to create and to capture their love day by day.

Serena Nicole Studios Journal

At first when I read the note that was placed on our door by the city I was a little excited. New paved roads would be a dream for my long boarding teenager who always goes a little bit farther than I am comfortable with in the hopes of finding new and smooth pavement. As […]

This storyteller session was so much fun for Tyler and I to capture, that when the sun went down we were shocked! We had been playing for almost six hours and it felt like we had only been there for an hour tops! When Elizabeth and I sat down to dream up her session we […]

It came from the other room and I stopped. Then I heard it again, a crash this time followed by a loud and grumpy protest of I can’t. I walked into the room to find Jackson playing with an old toy that I haven’t seen for months. I remember when we first got it. All […]

In my world the one place I feel the most centered, peaceful and still is on the trail. Our family hikes hundreds of miles a year. It is the one place I have taught my boys to find refuge. Refuge from the busy demands and busy screens that take up most of our world. A […]

The storyteller session is right in this minute my absolute favorite. When Nina and I chatted about their little world right now we talked about piano lessons with dad, ballet with mom, playing kitchen, making pancakes just like Saturday mornings with dad and all the love that lives in their hearts. Once we mixed all […]

I am always looking for the story. When I pack my family up for vacation I bring one lens to force myself to concentrate on the story and not the equipment. The question is then what is this story and how can I fit it in my frame. I find that I can truly balance […]