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There is nothing like the refuge that I find in words. There is something spirtual about hearing yourself think out loud and being able to read it back. Sometimes when I read what I wrote, I hardly remember writing it at all. Just feels warm and familiar. I would love nothing more than  to inspire others to feel, to create and to capture their love day by day.

Serena Nicole Studios Journal

We were so humbled to get to spend this time with the Parnes family as they welcomed their new little girl, Molly, into the world. There is nothing in this world like watching a little one take their first breath. To start our new year at the studio this way was so, so sweet. Joy […]

Our field trip session are a favorite here at the studio. There is so much time to spend with your family and the results are gorgeous portraits of every combination you can imagine! The Volley family was no exception. They are pure sweetness and if they lived any closer, instant friends!!! I just know you will […]

We all know that I love working with families and little ones but I have to say working with my high school seniors is so special as an artist. For starters they stay where you put them!! This allows for me to really work on my artistry and set the scene. I am also a […]

As I boarded my plane for my first trip of the year my heart was full of mixed emotions. It is always, ALWAYS, so hard to leave my littles and yet I couldn’t wait to see how much some of my favorite families had grown and wrap my arms around them. I have been lucky enough […]

There is something magical about a field trip family session that gets me every time. Don’t get me wrong, we can have so much fun during our mini sessions together and we always get a few great shots, but having SO much time with your family, well that is a dream for me. I fell in […]

There is nothing like the love between a mom and daughter and these two are so special to me! I have been lucky enough to get to know this family since we celebrated little E’s first birthday together. What a beautiful party Mom created for her. So when they signed up for a mommy and […]